Core Values

E = Excellence, we believe that the pursuit of excellence pushes us to be better than we thought we could be.
D = Diligence, we believe that to be diligent, one must be persevering and hardworking, making a steady effort as it relates to meaningful expectations.
W = Wisdom, we believe that wisdom is the ability to judge and deal with persons and situations rightly, based on knowledge, experience and understanding.
A = Acceptance, we believe that to accept others, we should respond to them without reservation and procrastination in the affirmative so that all involved share equal responsibility.
R = Reason, we believe that reason is the ability to think, draw conclusions and act without difficulty based on known facts and sound judgment.
D = Deference, we believe in a yielding of opinions, judgments, wishes, etc., and that we must maintain a courteous regard and respect for those we come in contact with.
S = Service, we believe that a servant’s heart is one which cares about individuals, understands that they are created by God in His image, and strives to meet their unique needs.

The Board of Directors of Edwards Ministerial Association, Inc., is committed to upholding these values by acting with courage to ensure that our organization prospers and grows.